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There Is Healing in Letting Go

There are challenges in every area of our lives and that includes obstacles and setbacks in both our personal and professional plans.

Most people find it difficult to move on from past hurts and enjoy the present because of failing to let go of the bad things that happened to them. You may have suffered wrong from the people you trusted. You may have been accused of something that you didn’t do. You may have gone through a painful job loss. Moving on or finding peace in your life can be difficult if you constantly reflect on all the bad things you did in the past or the injustices that you encountered.

However, understand that the only way of finding peace or joy in your life is by letting go of past hurts, regrets, and losses. You will benefit a lot from leaving the past behind you, living in the present, and working toward your personal or professional goals.

“There is no way I can get over that” “I didn’t deserve that” or “I will never move on from it” are phrases that keep you from healing. You need to realize that the only way of healing from painful occurrences is by changing your thought-patterns and minding your words. “I am not defined by what happened to me” “I am not defined by what I did in the past” “I can heal” “I can move on” and “I am stronger than that” are powerful affirmations that will help you in letting go of the past and heal. Achieving your goals may be closer than it seems.

Accepting that you cannot change the past will help you to heal

One thing that makes it nearly impossible to heal from the past is constantly reliving it by wishing you could have prevented bad things from happening. Do you often find yourself thinking, “Maybe if I were more enthusiastic, I would still have my job” and “Maybe I wouldn’t have lost my career if I were more alert?” If so, understand nothing good ever comes out of living in regret, trying to prevent what has already occurred, or trying to change the past. In the end, a wrong career path can damage your health. Sometimes you must let go of something first, before you can open other doors.

Healing takes time so be patient with yourself. When you feel you cannot fight, appreciate that you have come this far, count your blessings, and realize that you still have a little fight left in you.

You can overcome it. avple

You will heal.