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The Different Types Of Transcription Services And When They Are Used

There are three main types of transcription services that are used to benefit different industries. These types of transcription services are vital for every business owner to know in order to make an informed decision about which service will benefit their company.

This article will outline the three main types of transcription services and provide examples of when it is best to use them.

What are transcription services?

Transcription services are used to translate live or recorded audio into a written or electronic document. Transcription services are most commonly used by business, medical and legal professionals.

Using transcription services reduces the workload of a team or individual and allows them to go through multiple recordings in an easy to read document to pick out the facts they need.

Edited transcription

Edited transcription allows the transcriber to edit aspects of the audio they are transcribing in order to produce high-quality documents. The script is edited to produce a formal document that is clear, concise and easy to read.

Within edited transcription, the transcriber may remove sentences or words that they deem unnecessary. The transcriber will also clean up any stammers, repetitions and grammatical errors to ensure the document is as clear as possible.

Although the transcriber will remove parts of the text, they will ensure the overall message is clear and easy to understand.

Intelligent transcription

Intelligent transcription includes light editing to convey the main subject of the discussion in question. The transcriber will remove any indications of pausing or uncertainty such as any “ums” or “oms”. They will also remove any actual pauses, stammers and speech disruptions such as coughing.

The main focus of intelligent transcription is to determine the main subject of the discussion and preserve this throughout the document. Although intelligent transcription removes some emotion to a certain degree, the transcriber will maintain the overall tone of the discussion throughout the document.

Verbatim transcription

Verbatim transcription contains every word from the discussion as well as non-verbal elements such as pauses. The transcriber does not make any changes to the text, it is handed over as a raw document.

Unlike edited and intelligent transcription, verbatim transcription also includes “ums”, “ah” and anything similar as well as stammers and coughs.

When is each transcription service used?

Edited transcription is often used when the document is going to be published or translated into multiple languages. Lecturers tend to use edited transcription services as they often need the content written in a formal way that is clear and easy to read.

Intelligent transcription is used when the context of the document is more useful than the content itself. Intelligent transcription is used for medical diagnoses or business purposes such as presentations.

Verbatim transcription is often used by the legal industry for court cases and investigations as every piece of information is important and can have a big impact on a case. It is also used for market research.

To summarise

In summary, there are three main types of transcription services; edited transcription, intelligent transcription and verbatim transcription. Each transcription service is beneficial to particular industries depending on the nature of the transcription goal.

There are different types of transcription companies that will offer one or all of the three main types of transcription services. Using a third-party company to complete the transcription service you need will elevate the pressure from you or your team so you can focus on the work at hand.