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Essentials information about the Dhow Cruise Dubai?


What are dhows?

Dhow is a lateen-rigged boat having one or two masts. This boat is chiefly used in the Arabian region. Initially, these boats were built by fishers centuries ago. They stitch the wooden boards with palm and coconut leaves.

In this modern era, a Dhow Cruise Dubai is the center of attention of tourists visiting Dubai. The boats are designed traditionally, coupled with modern luxuries. It provides a traditional sailing adventurous experience with additional entertainment onboard.

A Dhow cruise is one of the most popular and becoming a must-do activity for all the tourists. It is an interesting way to explore Dubai’s heritage. Alongside ancient heritage, it is also the best way to witness the city’s modern development.

The most prominent areas for Dhow Cruise Dubai are

  1. Dubai Creek
  2. Dubai Marina

Dubai Creek

The Dubai creek belongs to the Old Dubai city. The old Dubai city is where people settled to the city after migration from the villages of the hot desert of Dubai. In Dhow Creek Dubai, the city is divided into two prominent areas Deira (new Dubai) and Bur (Old Dubai).

Dhow creek has a finite number of sceneries. There is a boardwalk on the Bur (old Dubai) side of the creek. It hides most of the views and leaves not much to see on this site. Once this promenade ends comes the historical part of the old city worth gazing at. Sailors can see the Bastakiya Quarter on this side.

Here the tourists can witness the glory of the sophisticated architecture of the old Dubai city. They can enjoy the polished sights of heritage villages, palaces, and souks. The tourists can enjoy the historical and old side of Dubai city.

Dubai Marina

On the other hand, Dubai Marina is the latest and most modern version of Dubai city. It is a small city with an artificial canal and high buildings on both sides of the canal. It gives a beautiful example of modern architecture. This modern city is the home of tall buildings, unique cafes, luxurious hotels and restaurants and quaint boutiques.

The Dubai Marina gives everything that the Dubai city is known for. It shows the style, entertainment, splendor, glory, and luxury. Dubai marina shows a different and modern city to the visitors. While having the auspicious dinner on the cruise, the tourists will see the city’s beautiful skyline. The gorgeous skyline is decorated with tall buildings with unique and distinctive architectural styles.

While sailing, the dhow will pass under the bridges, and the sailors will experience the view of cars and trams passing over. The tourists can also see the leisure vessels and luxury yachts on the Dubai Marina. There are also many restaurants and cafes offering amazing sights. On this Deira side of the city, the tourists can see the iconic buildings of the Dubai city, including the National Bank of Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Sheraton, Rolex twin towers, etc.

Choosing a dhow cruise

Tourists visiting Dubai for the first time on their holidays can get confused about which dhow cruise to choose. If you are visiting for a short time, you must choose one of the cruises. The selection of either creek dhow or marina dhow completely depends on the taste, preferences, priorities and most importantly, the budget.

Dining and Entertainment on Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruise is a perfect way of showing visitors a utopia where they can unwind and relieve themselves. You can also reserve any cruise for private gatherings and celebrations or personalize the bundles according to your comfort. Companies are trying to provide further entertainment options, like DJs, puppetry shows and dance performances. Street artists present Tanoura and belly dance for you and your guests.

The captivating performance is enhanced with intercontinental food, including canap├ęs, main dish, and sweets. Expresso, dates, and crackers are given as welcome. You can also choose a range of drinks, beers, and delicious and refreshing desserts.

Cost of Dubai Dhow Cruise

The perfect dhow cruise will be a fairy tale, with such a crystal bound boat embracing you and glorious traditions, including several festivities to go through with it. Just select a touristic agency that aims to comprehend the leading entertainment opportunities within your expenditure, also ensuring your ease.

There is indeed a broad array of rates, starting from the very little amount of 40 AED to much more as 450 AED. The far more exquisite you are, more the happiness and excitement you would get.

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Perfect time for Dhow Cruise

Whenever you need to look elegant during the crest of direct sunlight, then you choose the daytime. It reflects the bustling Life of Dubai. Meanwhile, the evenings bring a stunning scenery of surroundings, extra travelling, and a crowded arena. Corporations that provide a range of deals and bundles and provide comfortable pic and drop off facilities are now at the cruise terminal.