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Keep your Teacup Pig Healthy

Keep your Teacup Pig Healthy

August 29, 2015 | Comments Off on Keep your Teacup Pig Healthy

Like human beings, teacup pigs are prone to develop bad habits in their behavior and it is really difficult to reverse them. Some points to follow for keeping your teacup pig healthy are:

Follow a routine for their food and don’t deviate from it, even if the pet shows a lot of craving for food. Pigs are noisy if you don’t give them food on their desire and it is your responsibility to engage them in some other activity when they ask for food before time. It is discouraged to feed pigs several times in a day and maximum three meals or two meals + food training rewards should be given to keep the animal satisfied and healthy.

Pigs have a tendency to get obese soon and it would be tough to reverse this condition. Avoid sugary food items for them and give them low-sugar food to make the calorie intake minimized.

You should reward good behavior of your pig and it doesn’t mean that you give them anything coming your way for eating. You can give them healthy and limited food for appreciation and they should know that they don’t have to ask more of it.

Your pig should know that YOU are the BOSS and everything will be done according to your wish. This doesn’t mean that you have to be rude to them or give them aggressive reactions, but the animals should be pampered and carefully treated to avoid any indifferent actions from their side.
Regular visit to vet is mandatory for pigs, especially if they are below one year of age. They will have regular vaccines and de-worming medications to stay healthy. The doctor will let you know about the right ways to bring up your pet and it will be helpful for you in the long run.